NBC: Special Australian Air Service/ Special Air Service

The SAAS/ SAS: maybe you think, once you've read the title, it's some kind of inflight service you could exprect during a commercial flight. Well, it'snt really that kind of service you would expect.

The SAAS/ SAS is a secret service, operated by Australians/ British best soldiers. They are trained to operate behind enemy lines; provinding intellengence on enemy troop movements, search and destroy and search and rescue.

Esteblished in 1957 as modelled British SAS regement, the first operation took place in Borneo during the Indonesian confrontation. The SAAS troopers operated alongside the British and New Zealand counterparts in all operations.

The Second operation took place during the Vietnam war. SAAS troopers operated behind enemy lines. During the war, the regement was quite succesful in reconnaissance.

When the Olympic games were held in Sydney, two SAAS squadrons were available for counter-terrorist operations.

When you decide to become one of those men, you will have to follow a 18 month training. On average, of an average of 120 men who commence each selection course, only 20 to 30 will make it to the 18 month of reinforcement courses. These men are the best soldiers of the world.

When you've seen this program, you really don't like to get involved in any way with these kind of soldiers. They are trained to kill and they will operate most of the time alone, behind enemy lines and if they get caught, the Australian goverment will disacknowledge all of their actions. It's not really a job I would like to do for my whole life.

Art of life: Sydney NSW, Australia CNN international

The last program I've seen was about the lifestyle of the people living in Sydney NSW. They're proud about living in Australia's most beautiful city, with its famous Royal Botanic Gardens, the habour, the habour bridge and the Opera House. The narrator interviewed just a few citizens. Most of them were happy about their hometown, they don't have anything to grizzle. Every year, thousands of tourist from all over the world have been visiting Sydney to see all these things. Every bickie spent by a tourist (also the apple eaters, banana benders and cow eaters) have been well for the economy. Although the city has over 4,5 million inhabitants, you almost never feel unsafe anywhere, that's because the divvy vans are almost everywhere in the city. The people from Sydney don't see to worry about anything. They're going to work in the morning, having in the arvo a counter meal, continue working and heading home when it all ends.

Well, interessting show. Now you can see how the inhabitants of Sydney think about the tourist. They welcome you to explore their city. Heaps of information have been giving during the program. Sometimes too much, which results you don't understand what they're talking about, it's piffle. I can't say all the information given by the narrator had been all shonky, you'll have to make up your own mind.

The World of Kylie Minogue

In this show, you are about to see one of the worlds famous gum sucker: Kylie Minogue. She's been living downtown Melbourne CBD VIC. Kylie has a huge collection of shoes, dresses, bags and cozzies. For every music video she has made, she still has the lot of it. Most of her famous old dresses, shoes and bathers have been already donated to the Art Centre. There's also a exhibition of all her famous dresses she wore during her carreer as an actor and singer.

During my time in Australia, I've seen the exhibition in Brisbane. It was really awsome to see. You don't see just her clothes stored, there is also a huge screen were you could see her music videos. On another screen, you could have seen an interview with Kylie about her personal life. I reckon you would like the exhibition. (Free entry!!) The tv program (channel TEN) was also very interesting, the narrator also explained a lot of background information, e.g the Sydney tour and the Kylie Fever tour. If you like to see the lot of her, fly to Sydney, you can see it till the end of this month.

The deadliest sea of the world

The street of Bering, which is located East of Russia, is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Eventhough, in January every year, there are people working there: making money by fishing for the crab. It's really hard work and the fishermen have a 20 hour shift, for a whole week. After the fishing season is over, they have enough quids for a whole year. For the lads who are working on the boat for the first time, it's a great experience and also a good way to get used working in such a dangerous envoirement.

If you've seen the show, you really have respect for these men, they have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The narrator also influence you by giving his opinion and background information, which is a good thing. The blokes are working in extreme circumstances. It's minus 10 degrees outside and the lads still continue doing their job, even when one of there mates felt into the freezing water.

Rex fishing adventures Discovery channel, 5.30PM

In this episode, Rex is taking us to Darwin, Northern Territory. There are lots of good fishing spots in the surrounding. Due to the rainingseason every summer, the rain provides fresh water from rivers to the sea which also increases the best livingconditions for fresh and salt water fish. Today he's heading to the waters of Fanny Bay, a couple miles south west from town. Just after throwing the line with bait into the water, he catches his first snapper, a yellow salt water fish which is also a local tucker. During execising of his sport, he explains everything about the bait he's been using, the technics to garantee of catching as many fish as possible. He also tells you about the history of Darwin and Northern Territory. When you have no clue about its history, it is also a good moment to listen to his interpretation how he's explaining it in his way. After a few hours time, he discovered his hat is gone walkabout, which is essencial to avoid getting a sunburn. Without it, he's up the creek. He makes jokes all the time and he's fooling around with the boatcrew in a funny way. Almost before the end of the show, he gives some advice for the blokes who were joing him today. The snapper is a lovely dish when you put it on the barbie for a couple of minutes. Serve it with pasta or rice and salat. It becomes very interesting when he's giving you some advise about what you could do with the fish. It probably could convince you to give it a burl by yourself. With a bucket filled with a couple fishes, he says goodbye to his viewers.